Our company is founded on the principle of “Happiness”. Happiness is at the core of our existence from the games we create to the way we work together as a team. Our most recent ICON POP series which includes ICON POP Song and ICON POP Mania have created a brand new way of entertainment for smartphone users. Alegrium will continue to strive on product innovation and provide the best user experience to our users.

  • Research and create the concept, core mechanics, initial art style of a game
  • Work closely with developer, analyst, QA, and art team during production period
  • Defining minimal in-game content
  • Calculate the game's monetizing opportunity
  • Monitor and analyze a game's day-to-day performance
  • Add new features/adjust existing ones
  • Advanced strategic thinking and communications skills, both verbal and written
  • Fair amount of knowledge & utilization of iOS & Android features, as well as 3rd party engines
  • Familiar with gameplay theories, mobile games and its industry in general
  • Have an idea of mobile ads ecosystem and able to process key metrics from performance analytics
  • Equipped with business development skills and the substance of product cycle
  • Acquainted with all processes involved in the production of a game
  • Have experience designing social games and game reward systems
  • Familiar with psychological models concerning motivation
  • Capable of balancing complex game systems
  • Skilled at designing user interfaces and user flows
  • Skilled at using mathematical models and tools to analyze gameplay and user behavior
  • Understand the importance of well-documented designs and technical features

Please attach your portfolio if you have one. 
Send your CV and portfolio to jobs[at]alegrium.com