Our company is founded on the principle of “Happiness”. Happiness is at the core of our existence from the games we create to the way we work together as a team. Our most recent ICON POP series which includes ICON POP Song and ICON POP Mania have created a brand new way of entertainment for smartphone users. Alegrium will continue to strive on product innovation and provide the best user experience to our users.

  • Have a formal degree in Statistical Studies. Experience is a plus.
  • Analyze, report, track, and monitor the game's performance to make KPI report.
  • Define data variable for product performance analysis.
  • Research in-game's retention and monetization point.
  • Provide data-driven actionable insight for upcoming monetization and retention campaign.
  • Suggest strategies for Customer Relationship Management, based on statistical analysis.
  • Work closely with QA & developers to develop data.
  • Have a knowledge about SQL Query and R language.
  • Able to precisely utilize statistical & analytical methods.
  • Able to present performance analysis in a descriptive and visual manner.
  • Fair amount of knowledge on key performance indicators in mobile games.
  • Have an advanced analytical, statististical, and strategic thinking skills.
  • Able to convey thoughts clearly (both verbal & written), especially regarding quantitative analysis result, in an actionable manner.

Please attach your portfolio if you have one. 
Send your CV and portfolio to jobs[at]alegrium.com