Milieu leverages technology, consumer engagement & data science to develop a virtual map of human communities and what drives their consuming, personal and social motivations. In doing so, Milieu empowers Brands and Ad Agencies with relevant consumer insights, through understanding and engaging with our community, to make insightful marketing decisions.


We are going to be honest here. If you grew up dreaming of working for an established, well known company with a swanky office in a swanky building, Milieu will probably not be for you (Well, we do have a swanky office building in the heart of Orchard Road)

On the contrary, we would love to have a chat with you if a majority of the following statements describe who you are:

  • I have always wanted to create a legacy of my own.
  • I am motivated by a sense of achievement and creating great things excite me. 
  • I understand the concept of productive and persistent hard work but also understand that taking rests, having fun, spending time with loved ones and generally soaking in life’s experiences are also equally important.
  • I know that doing great things don’t come easy, and that every stumble and fall along the way will only make me stronger.

At the heart of Milieu is a community of consumers that contribute their opinions to us via an online platform. We are looking for a marketing executive to spearhead our community engagement & content creation efforts, driven by the opinion of the people around you.  

Come! Join us in building a revolutionary and disruptive consumer research startup with a proven team of industry veterans!

Key Job Responsibilities

  • Contribute to defining Milieu’s voice & personality as a business and a brand to consumers and clients
  • Develop & manage Milieu’s social media strategy
  • Develop and send “mini” surveys to our community of consumers to generate insights on hot-button topics, pop culture & social issues on a continual basis
  • Leverage the steady stream of aggregated opinions to generate, edit, publish and share daily content on social media that builds new and meaningful connections, increases buzz & encourages our members to engage with us continuously.
  • Monitoring, and analyzing the effectiveness of content and social media campaigns
  • Use Millieu’s data to develop thought provoking articles on current affairs, lifestyle and social topics that will trigger debates and conversations with a goal to increase brand awareness and perception of Milieu as an organization.
  • Be the main liaison with our digital marketing partners to constantly recruit and retain a highly engaged community of consumers in order to achieve community size targets.
  • Manage and respond to enquiries and feedback from our community members.
  • Some of your KPIs will include optimizing our social media performance, improving our community retention rates and achieving organic growth in our user base.
  • Familiarity, experience and an underlying passion in social media engagement and digital marketing
  • A finger on the pulse of current affairs & social issues as well as an interest in the zeitgeist of times
  • A passion for content generation, preferably with an interest in data driven insights that tells a story about our cultural and social environment
  • A distinctive and engaging writing style; a passion for evoking emotions through a sense of humor
  • An underlying drive to succeed in spite of obstacles
  • You like a fun, cool, tech, fast-paced start-up environment, daily kopi talk, happy hours at work and occasional bar hopping sessions
  • You are responsible, accountable and can work well independently and with others in a fast-paced environment
  • You do not need to be spoon-fed and will proactively find solutions to problems
  • You are open minded
  • You are resourceful and committed to finishing allocated tasks
  • You demonstrate strong analytical thinking, organizational skills & attention to detail
  • Have excellent communication skills