About Dr. Panda

Dr. Panda is developer of games for kids. We are a team of international artists, designers, developers and marketers committed to developing truly fun products that have a positive impact on the life of children. Dr. Panda has as mission to help kids learn about the world in a broader and deeper sense and we believe that play and having fun is the best way to do so.

We launched our first Dr. Panda title in early 2012, which immediately attracted kids and parents from all over the world. Since then, Dr. Panda apps have been downloaded over 70 million times on iOS and Android devices, and we are ranked in the top 3 kids app publishers for paid downloads worldwide on iOS and Android (Distimo/App annie). Among other markets Dr. Panda is the #1 kids app brand in China and we have strong presence in Western markets including the US, Germany, Benelux, and Scandinavia. Besides apps we are in the process of creating a Dr. Panda animated series and physical toys.

We are young, independent, profitable and fast growing, and we are uniquely positioned to reach our goal of developing Dr. Panda into the next global kids brand. We are based in Chengdu, a dynamic and growing city of 14 million people in the West of China which has been ranked by Forbes as one of the world’s fastest growing cities.


Send email to hr@drpanda.com

·         Develop high-quality games with Unity3d in csharp for mobile platforms, including IOS and Android

·         Cooperate with concept artists, game designers and artists to develop high quality games

·         Participate actively in making game architecture implementation decision, solving bugs and optimization problems, preparing documentation and ensuring project maintenance after the release

·         At least 3 years of solid experience with programming of which at least 1 year programming interactive 3D games/visualization.

·         Provable experience with Unity3D or other 3D engine(s)

·         Bachelor's degree in Computer Science / IT / Software Engineering or equivalent experience desired.

·         No Chinese language required