[MoolahSense[ Help SMEs expand their sources of finance by finding more reasons to APPROVE!

Are you looking to play a part in reshaping the financial system? Are you passionate about SME lending and feel that their financing can be better served with more alternative choices? Are you looking to transform business lending with the use of data and technology? Come join us and be part of a leading marketplace lender, a financial innovator in the domain of SME lending.

  • Introduce new innovative models and algorithms, that provide the most effective business value
  • Initiate, conduct and lead data-driven investigations
  • Identify, analyse and push forward use of new data sets and data sources
  • Work with the management team, ensuring all the above meet the company's business goals.
  • Design, develop and improve data architecture, systems, tools and technologies
  • Collect and analyse data from different business functions and track relevant metrics related to performance
  • Perform data analysis and regular reports to present to different teams and management
  • Develop models using statistics and business rules to identify historical trends and predict future outlook
  • Perform testing and validation of models using statistical methods to establish confidence levels
  • Perform market research and collect external data points to augment data analysis
  • Knowledge of tools like R, SQL, Excel, SAS, Python or other scripting, statistical language
  • Knowledge of risk estimation and statistical models
  • Ability to grapple different types of data including marketing, financial, transactional and make sense of it
  • Experience in applying and classify recurring types of problems, and the most effective techniques for each of them (e.g. clustering, dimensionality reduction, classification, NLP techniques, etc.)
  • At least BSc degree in mathematics/statistics/physics/computer science or other related field
  • Hands-on experience with risk assessment models and techniques
  • Experience in analysing financial statements and business value chain a plus
  • A team player with an eye for details