C Channel is positioned as a combination lifestyle magazine/video site that showcases content related to fashion, food, travel, and pop culture. Each video is just one minute long, intended to capture short attention spans better, and most are shot and edited by professionals. C Channel’s target audience is young female in their teens to thirties.

C Channel Indonesia started to operate on October 2016, following an acquisition of PT Media Makmur (famous for its beauty products Kawaii Beauty Japan and Nadeko) by C Channel Japan. With Yamato Sasagawa as CEO, C Channel Indonesia aims to grab the market of young female as the loyal users and viewers. Bolstered with the strengths of media channel and SEO from Kawaii Beauty Japan, C Channel Indonesia has been growing rapidly in extraordinary pace to capture the market.

We are looking for a visual person that is able to convert the concepts and ideas into a visual treatment or media that can be easily communicated by our users and clients. Are you the one?


  • Do all the necessary designs that are needed to support the business.
  • Create template and visual design for proposals delivered to clients.
  • Present the user interface visually so information is easy to read, easy to understand and easy to find.
  • Create a style consistent with all of company brand while pleasing our users/clients.
  • Creatively think about ideas to make brand design improvement.


  • Fresh graduates are welcome to apply.
  • Good English skills.
  • Meticulous and attention to detail.
  • Creative, collaborative, and able to contribute ideas in group settings.
  • Able to sketch and illustrate manually.
  • Master Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Digital Imaging, and other necessary tools to do the job.