Mission is to prepare and inspire young people to succeed in a global economy.

  •  write deployment scripts for ad-hoc services
  •  write production deployment tools or opt for CI/CD tools (must justify related tools & costs)
  •  keep track of production deployments (versions/commits) and initiate rollbacks when needed.
  •  write ad-hoc business-specific services and/or database queries (MongoDB and/or SQL) in response to business requirements
  • manually run ad-hoc business-specific services and/or database queries and report output/log errors
  • analyse production logs to spot issues and respond to issues, whichever comes first
  • together with your production engineer, handle production bugs and user/admin -reported issues (if any)
  • Comfortable with Linux/Unix environment
  • Comfortable with writing bash scripts
  • Comfortable with using git CLI
  • Knowledgeable about at least one of the following languages: Javascript (NodeJS), python
  • Knowledgeable about REST applications, server-client architecture
  • Knowledgeable about CI/CD, Unit Testing, Integration Testing