Mountain Partners Malaysia is a startup incubator and company builder with headquarters in Zurich / Switzerland. Our vision is to make great technologies available to people all around the world by building young, disruptive businesses.

As a globally operating company builder headquartered in Zurich (Switzerland), Mountain Partners holds more than 80 investments in the sectors E-Commerce & Web Services, Digital Payments & Fintech and Technology & Security. In the context of the fast-paced technology revolution, Mountain Partners selects, develops and supports young, disruptive technology companies, through a global network of seven in emerging markets strategically positioned hubs , from incubation, through growth to internationalisation.


The Entrepreneur in Residence (EIR) role at Mountain Partners Malaysia is an exciting opportunity to help existing tech companies from our portfolio grow or lead the validation and development of new business ventures to launch.

We are currently looking out for EIR candidates that could end up being assigned the role of CEO or COO  in one of our ventures soon to launch in Malaysia. The talent is to help start the venture in Malaysia, develop the local business and build a team of 10 people in the first year and approximately lead 20-30 people by year two.


  •  Responsibilities include: develop the business, drive sales, profile the company and manage stakeholders.
  • Experience: running a startup with a team >10, achieving steady revenue growth and raised either a Seed or Series A round of funding.


  • Responsibilities include: run the operations, manage day to day and technical aspects.
  • Experience: previously held a management role in a startup, achievements/contributions will be evaluated.



Current Opportunities:

Business 1: Adtech

  • This venture is focusing on performance marketing and data analytics. 
  • Require talent with advertising/media background, results oriented and with business development/sales experience.

Business 2: eCommerce

  • This venture is not a marketplace or re-seller but end to end product IP with online distribution.
  • Require talent with eCommerce experience, supply chain management and digital marketing skills.

Business 3: Social-Commerce

  • This venture is exploring opportunities in a growing domain, scale-able commerce via social media platforms (e.g. Chat commerce – Facebook, Instagram Whatsapp, Line etc).
  • Require talent who has eCommerce experience and a passion for social commerce.  Ready for active participation in product development and user experience.