What's after Fintech? Insurtech is the next BIG thing!

PolicyPal makes managing and buying insurance simple for you by creating a digital insurance folder for you to organise all your insurance policies in one place. We analysis the policies and give you the missing links in your coverage. Saving you up to 30% of your insurance premium and better protect you and your loved ones!

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We’re looking for a full-stack engineer. 

  • Oversee current development efforts with the tech team
  • Ensure the product meets benchmarks of reliability and speed
  • Work closely with the tech lead
  • Define the development roadmap – new product & upgrades to the current platform
  • Evaluate and recruit partners / vendors for on-going development
  • Assemble a robust team of hackers

Qualifications / Experience: 
– Full-stack with extensive knowledge in back-end software, security and infrastructure
– Strong CS fundamentals with good understanding of core programming concepts (e.g. algorithms, data structure, and design patterns)
– Comfortable working on everything from Java (SpringBoot), Javascript (Ionic, Cordova, AngularJS), AWS, and third-party API integrations. Familiarity Python, Go would be a plus
– Experience building scalable software from the ground up 
– Experience designing and deploying database systems, both SQL and NoSQL
– Ability to keep calm in start-up uncertainty 
– Works hard but loves to share a laugh and wants to build a fun work culture

Addition Qualifications: 
– Fintech experience 
– Start-up experience 
– Knowledge of data encryption and security 
– Web and mobile app development 
– Project management experience